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 Papers Manufactured From…

decañaPaper made from Sugar Cane
Sugar cane is a highly produced natural resource in some regions in Colombia, contributing to the country’s development. It is manually and mechanically harvested throughout the year; and is renewed in short periods of time.
The fiber from the sugar cane is an agroindustrial residue and its use in the manufacture of paper positions it as an environmentally responsible product.
Our mill uses as main raw material the fiber from the sugar cane when manufacturing ALL papers, which makes them 100% recyclable and biodegradable. That is how our products come to being.

depinoPaper From Sustainably Cultivated Pine Forests
We use paper resistant to tear and rupture manufactured from long-fiber wood pulp from tropical pine forests, only comparable to the best in the world. We manufacture our paper bags and paper rolls for our customers who package sugar, animal food concentrates, flour, plastic resins, among others.
For Converpel Ltda. it is of critical importance that its vendors are highly committed to the protection of the environment, which shall begin from the seeds of the trees all the way to the manufacture of the packaging. As a result, as part of our environmental policy, our products are manufactured using FSC Chain of Custody Certified Paper, which enables us to assure a responsible forest management.

Manufactured from surplus of recycled paper or virgin, mixed with water to be converted into pulp; the impurities and inks are removed from the pulp in order to manufacture top quality (recycled) paper. It has a dark tone and presents good resistance to tearing.
Recycled Paper is considered friendly with the ecosystem, since it complies in an integral manner with all existing environmental control norms, including its raw materials, manufacturing process, product and final disposal.
In the Recycled Paper, which is mainly made up of vegetable fibres, its Fibrous resource is an ecological product when it comes from natural or artificial forests, in which the sustainable management enables the promotion and protection of wildlife and water resources; or when the fibrous resource utilized comes from recyclable raw materials, or when these are agricultural by-products, which under other circumstances should be incinerated or converted into solid residues, and in the best case, used as fuel.

Whatever Is In Your Mind We Can Make it True
The material of our packaging allow an optimal printing, multicolor, multiform and customization.
Ways of Wrapping with Paper
Your packaging can have various forms, folds and creases, models, and styles according to your business.
Of all Sizes and Quantities
We can manufacture from a single unit up to the number of packaging solutions you may need.



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